Friday, May 13, 2011

Switching Coasts

I've been on the east coast ever since I moved to Boston in 2003. Right now I'm on the southern east coast, Jupiter, Florida. In the fall, I'm moving to Berkeley to attend the Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley. I am switching coasts and also switching fields.

We are faced with huge environmental challenges with an ever growing human population. Environmental issues are deeply entwined with economic issues, prices, employment, agriculture, etc. I found that as an engineer I have only limited tools. Plus, many worthwhile projects are only in their incipient stages. Much more cooperation between communities, governments, and businesses is needed for such projects to get financial support, legal support, and popular support to gain more momentum.

I am most interested right now in finance for environmental projects and new business models for an environmentally responsible economy. Are there legislation or standards that can help provide businesses as well as consumers with information or incentives to make better decisions? I am interested in working with Professor Lee Friedman, but I still need to explore other professors, too. I am hoping to go into academia or at least get a PhD in policy or economics. However, I am also interested in consulting, starting businesses, or even working in government. It all depends on what I find my strengths are best suited for and also what I think is most worthwhile.

There are definitely a lot of opportunities in the Bay Area for environmental issues so that's really exciting. The food is also going to be great, especially compared to Florida. You would think that a place that is so close to the food production would have better food. I am going to be living with old friends and living near other old friends. I am hoping to be able to do some urban gardening and get better at biking while I'm there.

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