Sunday, January 9, 2011

MIT Economics Symposium

I am planning on going to this Symposium on Economics and Finance : From Theory to Practice To Policy Thursday, January 27 and Friday, January 28.

It is part of the celebration of MIT's 150th year of existence.

I am most interested in:
1.) The Evolution of Economic Science: Macroeconomics, Growth, and Development, featuring panelists Peter Diamond and Robert Solow along with moderator Daron Acemoglu.

2.) Economic Policy Challenges: Macroeconomics and Fiscal Policy, featuring Olivier Blanchard, Paul Krugman, and Cristina Romer along with moderator Roberto Caballero

3.) Economic Policy Challenges: Microeconomics and Regulation

Talks about finance will be featured on the second day. I don't know much about finance, but I have a feeling it will be important to learn for environmental policy even though it may not seem relevant right now.

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