Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Autobiography of Yang Ruan

Haha, I wrote this in seventh grade as a part of a poster about myself.

My name is Yang Ruan, and my life began in Shanghai, China, July 3, 1985. I lived my first four years in China, and then came to St. Louis. I am twelve years old, and I'm turning thirteen next year.

I love reading, and my favorite books are "Lisa Light and Dark," "The Westing Game," "The Only Alien on the Planet," and "Silent Storm." One thing I noticed is that in most of the books I read, the main character or one of the main characters are disabled. In "Lisa Light and Dark" Lisa is slowly going crazy and needs help desperately. In "The Only Alien on the Planet" Smitty is a genius, but he doesn't talk or have any expressions. In "The Westing Game" the characters are just weird. In "The Silent Storm" Alyssa is mute. I do not like stories in which the plot is pointless and is about somebody's personal problems.

I also love drawing. I love projects that have to do with art. I like using colored pencils the most. Paint is hard to control, markers are sloppy, crayons have too much wax, and pastels get all over you.

I am not good at many sports. The only sport that I'm good at is ping-pong. The sports that I like but are not very good at are badminton, softball, and kickball.

I love animals of all kinds especially cats, horses, foxes, and rabbits. My favorites are cats because they are slick, graceful, menacing, soft, alert, independent, and intelligent. Many people are adore dogs. I like dogs, but I prefer cats because dogs drool too much and they all over you and they are too loud. I love drawing animals. They look so soft, furry, and just plain cuddly.

My favorite subjects in school are Math, Reading, and Fine Arts. I like playing Equations, which is a math game. I love that game! You do not even have to be good at math to be good at it. My Equations team, the J.E.R.K.s (Junior Educated Radical Kids), have already won two seconds place ribbons, and one third place ribbon. We hope to get a first place trophy someday.

I am a very positive person, and very happy. I don't get put down very easily, and if i"m depressed I usually hide it so nobody can really tell and nobody else will be depressed along with me. Sometimes I am patient, sometimes I am very impatient, but I never try to be someone else. I'm content with the way I am, and I feel that the only thing that I need to change would be my Language grade.

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Pseudoangela said...

you sound pretty cool...! wait, you ARE pretty cool :)