Friday, November 19, 2010

NSF Research Proposal

I applied for NSF again. I am concerned about being disqualified because of my grades, but they actually didn't really mention that last year, and at least this time I have a much better research proposal.

Impact of policy on clean energy technology diffusion in US states

Keywords: environmental economics, public policy, climate change, technology policy


Global climate change is a pervasive and hugely consequential negative externality stemming from energy consumption that needs to be managed in order to ensure prosperity for generations to come. Substituting clean energy generation technology such as wind and solar for fossil fuels is a primary component of mitigating climate change. Dominant carbon emissions reduction policy tools are carbon emissions taxes, emissions trading systems, and renewable portfolio standards for clean energy. Technology diffusion is a particularly challenging stage of technological innovation in the energy industry. Understanding the effects of policy on clean energy technology diffusion in each state is central to fostering cooperation amongst states and developing effective policies for reducing US carbon emissions.

Environmental Economics Theory To Do

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