Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fair Complaints or Whiny Liberals?

It grates on me when liberal commentators like Frank Rich complain about how the Obama administration is not being clear enough about the game plan. On the one hand, they are valid complaints, but on the other hand, they're supposed to be the journalists, so why don't they figure out the game plan, and then tell us about it. Instead, they are just stoking people's anger so that even people who should be supportive of the president's agenda are angry at him. Then, people are demoralized and discouraged instead of pitching in to build support. Frank Rich complains that Obama isn't explaining the tax cuts well to the American people, and he gives some suggestions, which is great. However, aren't there journalists and other people who could be explaining the tax cuts to the American people? There is only one Obama, and even though I also wish the communication and political maneuvering could have been much better, there's only so much one person can get around to doing. I am pretty certain that if we had 10 or 20 Obama's, things could be better, but there is only one. I think liberal commentators and activists need to get better at actually being helpful.

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