Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Talk on NCSE Conference at MIT

Last night, I gave a talk at MIT, debriefing the conference on the New Green Economy. It was a lot of fun! 12 people showed up. One of them recommended reading about Elinor Ostrom and watching her Nobel Prize in Economics Lecture. I'd like to get better at speaking. Besides being useful for spreading and sharing ideas, it's also generally useful for networking, management jobs, and collaborating with others on projects.

Another interesting note is that the only two women who were there were my friends. That was somewhat surprising.


Lynn said...

I watched the Nobel Prize lecture. It's really good! I was just recently thinking that local gov't actually has a lot of power, if only people knew they did. She speaks of similar themes - essentially decentralizing power, giving local communities more authority to make decisions about their own communities.

mirthbottle said...

Yeah, it's pretty cool. I'm thinking public finance might be something I'm interested in. Actually, Jia worked in the public sector at Morgan Stanley. It's more about making loans, though, but also making planning decisions.