Sunday, July 19, 2009

Biking Around

Yesterday, Alicia and I biked from MIT to Lexington Center and back for a total of 23 miles or so. It was fun!

Here are some trails around MA.

I need a better bike and a better backpack, though. I would like to spend less than $200 on a new bike. Is there anyone who can break down the costs of a bike for me? Why are some (like at Target) $100, some $500, and some $1000?


elpezzz said...

Bikes are pretty simple, so the basic bike to get you around can be under $100 new, less than that used. Bikes designed for specific things are more - mountain bikes have special shocks and stronger frames, folding commuter bikes have more parts and a different design, road bikes use more expensive materials to get lighter and faster. if you're going to go on longer rides get a road bike, but it doesn't have to be a fancy one.

elpezzz said...

i'd say get a used one too, that way you can afford a much better bike. just bring someone who knows bikes with you to check it out to make sure the parts and frame are ok.

bnewbold said...

Most of what you get when you pay ~$250+ for a bike vs. ~$100 is longevity: the metals are stronger, the welds more carefully done, the components more carefully designed. A $100 bike works fine when it's new but can get ridden into the ground really fast.

If you're in to getting a used and maybe fixing it up a bit, this website has a ton of info:

Also say hi to alicia!