Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Job Pitch

I'm going on the job market!

I wrote up a pitch about what I want to do.  I will probably want to keep editing it a bit.

Investors as well as environmental activists could be more effective if they better understood the pressures corporate boards face from the finance industry. For example, perverse incentives in the financial system may make long term planning difficult.
Corporations should sometimes be insulated from these pressures. I want to analyze how financial incentives influences corporate governance regarding climate change. Then I can help environmental organizations and long-term investors develop ways to respond.  Ways that corporations benefit from managing their emissions may also need to be identified and better publicized to the financial industry.
I'm also interested in improving corporate data management for GHG emissions. These software systems help corporations manage emissions reduction as well as report results to stakeholders such as investors or consumers. These systems always need to be customized for each organization because the operations of different organizations vary so much. As a result, experimentation and iteration is always needed. However, in order for the information to be useful for external stakeholders, these systems also need to be compatible with each other to some extent. For example, managing and reporting the emissions of a supply chain where suppliers have many other customers, can be challenging.

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