Saturday, March 30, 2013

Survival and a cat dream

For some reason the humans had to run away.  We were on some really large planet/world that was inhabited by other advanced species, though.  I was part of a group of 6 friends.  We went to some place that was like a desert with a lot of rocks.  It was kind of like Arizona. We then found a place that was inhabited by some advanced species/alien race.  We went in a deserted house, and some of the lights turned on but not all of them.  I went into a bathroom that had a shower and had a lot of stainless steel.  You needed special permissions to turn on additional lights or to use the shower.  I tried to turn on the shower anyway, and then alarms went off so we had to run away again back to the desert.  Then we came across some more greenery.  It was an area inhabited by yet another species.  They looked like humans so we realized we could blend in.  We then went to a restaurant/motel, and our server was a woman who was being really friendly and explaining about the relationship between their species and the humans.  The restaurant was a series of wooden booths that had cushioned seating around a large square wooden table.  It was sort of like a covered patio.  After eating, I laid back and fell asleep.  I pooped my pants in my sleep (in my dream not real life) and was trying to figure out how to get up and go to the bathroom inconspicuously.  But then a cat came and walked all over me.  I pet it even though I was still asleep (in my dream).  The cat sat down next to my head and was purring.  It felt so real that I opened my eyes in real life to check if there was a cat, but there wasn't.

I need to draw the different scenes at some point.

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