Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Facing Reality

Environmentalists want climate skeptics and American consumers to face the reality of our wasteful lifestyles. Research by green marketers Ogilvy Earth shows that perhaps hardcore environmentalists need to face the realities of the human condition.

I am referring to the human preference for being "normal" and being more likely to do something if others are doing it as well. This is bound to be disappointing to many of the vanguards of the green movement, who have no doubt hoped that the environmental movement could be the vehicle for a new era of non-conformism and non-commercialism. Even though I strive to keep my independence, and I encourage non-conformist behavior, I understand why conformism is also rational. Basically, if you just wait for others to do something, they are demonstrating for you that nothing bad will happen to you if you do that. It's a safe strategy that requires no effort. Oh well.

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