Monday, January 18, 2010

Changes In Cambridge

Last Friday, Smark and I went out to dinner, and we decided at the last minute to go to the Thailand Cafe for some bad Thai food. Usually this place is pretty empty, but this time it was totally full of Chinese people. Apparently, six months ago or so they got a new chef from Szechuan, and now they mainly serve Szechuan food, and it's really really good! I always suspected the owner and the server woman were Chinese, but they never spoke much so I couldn't tell. Well, now they're always speaking with the customers in Chinese, and they had hired a few more Chinese servers, too. However, it's still called Thailand Cafe, and they haven't changed the decor at all.

This review on Yelp pretty much sums it up.

No, I don't understand what this place has to do with Thailand, but the Sichuan food they serve is fantastic.

So - shopping at the Korean market - question arises - where to have lunch. Honey says: "Let's go to Thailand Cafe across the street." I say: Thailand and Sichuan cuisine? You must be out of your mind. If they cannot make up their mind, how can the food be any good? Uhhh was I wrong.

Ignore the Thailand signage and decor if you like really good Sichuan food. Chengdu spicy chicken, beef jerky (added 3 orders for take out - not kidding), dan dan mien and a cold cucumber dish were all fantastic. Two weeks earlier I was in Chengdu and I must attest, the food at Thailand Cafe could not have been more authentic Sichuan. It rivals the classics in the suburbs (Sichuan Gourmet and Sichuan Garden).

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