Friday, November 27, 2009

recent dream

I been dreaming a lot this past week, and I had a really really good one.

I was on this train traveling over vast tracks of natural wilderness, mostly plains, but also shrubbery, maybe sort of like Africa and parts of China. It was really pretty. There were some mountains in the background. It was supposed to be a scenic ride. Then, the train went down a waterfall! It was like there were tracks right next to the waterfall or kind of on top of it like a roller coaster. I could feel the inertia of going down, too, the kind of uncomfortable feeling of my stomach going up. I got the feeling of wanting it to stop, but then I became ok with that feeling, and it was more enjoyable. The train kept riding around the plains a little and it went down another waterfall before the ride ended. A lot more stuff happened afterward, but I don't really remember clearly. Lilian was there, too, and she might have been wearing a tutu.

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